Our November 7th

I’ve been chided by certain people for not sharing publicly the wonders of our farm life.

So, no more, now we’ll have weekly posts.

Today we sheeted the goat shed, so it now has a (thin) OSB roof. Maybe we can get back out there to lay down the tar paper, the flashing and the shingles. We’ll see.

I made a makeshift fence-stretcher out of two 2×4’s screwed together around the fence and some rope. We’ll also see how that works.

Our Samaritan newsletter came today, so I’ll have to read that and see who needs our prayers this month. We just got back from our California trip, so we’ve got the green light to get projects again that tie us to the farm permanently: i.e. more goats, bottle-fed steers (to train into Oxen), etc, etc.

And the Sun just set (it’s 4:19 pm).

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