It’s November 14th, and not too much to report. By that I mean I’m busier than most people I know, and so much happens that I can’t process all of it in order to write about it or talk about it later on. It’s mostly a matter of progressing along in the various systems we have created, taking each event as it happens and responding with the resources at hand.

There is still no roof on the goat shed, the osb seems to be holding up ok. I’ve reviewed Joe Jensen’s seminal Humanure book again and I am fairly certain what design I will be using for our composting setup: a three or four bin addition structurally similar to the goat shed with old cedar fence horizontals as the posts, and slatted pine boards as the walls, and more light-weight osb for the roof, if we can get it for free again.

The weather’s been a few days of sun and a few days of rain, often coming in the evening. The sunshine and colors are vibrant. The she-goat has been complaining and complaining, about goodness-knows-what. I’m feeding her twice a day now, grain and alfalfa, just to stop the racket!

The rabbits all need to be bred. The pigs have one month more before the butcher comes! And we’ve only got seven bags of feed after this morning, so we’ll have to make a feed run before the week is out. Haven’t got in there (in the mud) lately to put the tape around them, but they must be around 250 lbs or more.

A bunch of trees blew over in the wind on Sunday night, so we need to have a saw party soon! God Bless.

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