Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, since Sunday at noon to today at noon we’ve received 8 inches of rain. The waters of hidden creek plugged their culvert with rocks and mud, and proceeded to jump the bank and flow across the road.

The goats stood on their stand and pondered whether this was the end as the waters crashed around the goat shed, dividing and encircling it.

The power was off for most of one day and we had a few other flickers due to the high winds and trees coming down. We are prepared with various deep cycle batteries and inverters.

The weather is fluctuating between raining and 50 degrees and clearer and 40 degrees. I made what should be the last feed run for our three pigs, bringing back about 1200lbs.

The diesel truck ran great all the way there and back, but then wouldn’t start today (so Emma and the boys went to Thanksgiving Mass without me, they were already in town). Overhaulin‘, here we come!

TG supper tomorrow at Tanglewood HQ, with a newly retired Mike! Old friends in town as well, so it feels like the holidays.

God Bless!

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