Crop Rotation

I’m studying up on soil cultivation methods because I’m thinking about the empty pig pen. My latest idea is to build a stout pig house in there and then move the rabbits in there during the meantime. Three years is our preferred rotation for animals (and crops) to keep pests and parasites from building up in the soil, so we won’t have pigs in that pasture again until 2016. Meanwhile I want to sow oats in there, as apparently oats and potatoes are the crops for rainy and slightly cold climates.

The paddock that currently has the rabbits in it has a few inches of good manure over everything (it has had last year’s pigs, then goats, then rabbits in it!) and will be a prime garden patch, maybe for turnips over the winter and then lettuces and potatoes in the Spring. These plans change day-to-day, but something will eventually transpire.

The fencing on the new goat pen is a lagging, nagging project that needs to get done. We’ve been working on the firewood gathering a little bit at a time, amid snow showers and visitors. It’s getting dark and it’s only 4 pm; only four more days till the light starts getting longer! It will be nice to get “home” from work and have time to work outside and see things! During the Summer I would put in a full work day in front of the computer and then come “home” at 6 pm and still have a full day to work outside in the sunlight!

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