Wall Tents

Wall Tent Round up

Hi there, we have been doing extensive research into Wall Tents … here is a round up of relevant links:

Wilderness Wall Tent: http://www.walltentshop.com/collections/large-canvas-tents/products/wilderness-wall-tent-only

This site often has blemishes or specials list on this page. At the time of writing this there was a 10 x 12 Fire treated tent for sale for only $405!

These guys sell basically two styles of Wall Tent, the Wilderness and the Montana styles.


They also sell full packages, which seem like a very good deal. When buying the package it includes all sorts of necessities and makes others (like fireproof wood stove pads) available for a steep discount.

Wilderness Hunting Tent Package TENT, ANGLE KIT, FLY & STOVE

Recently someone just recommended Beckel to us. They said they have had their tent in the family since the 70’s and it has always performed well. Beckel is located in Portland, Oregon and we are going to check them out soon!


Wall Tent Woodstoves

These guys make two different kinds of Wood Stoves for Wall Tents, Wilderness and Yukon stoves. The Wilderness have straight corners and the Yukons are cylinder stoves. They also sell several other manufacturers’ stoves. Some of these stoves are both heavy duty (made of thick steel) and very inexpensive. They look like a good choice for Wall Tents, Cabins, Outdoor Rooms and Patios, and so on.


Here is another option for Wood Stoves for Wall Tents from a different manufacturer. These seem to be geared more towards being portable, and easy to setup or take down. However, the bigger ones look pretty good for providing all night heat to a small shelter.




Note: We do not have any affiliation with these companies, we just spent a long time researching online and narrowed our options down to these.