Outdoor Shower


The Wonderful Camp Shower

Open up the reclaimed wood door and a wonderful hot, propane-powered shower awaits you!

With the flick of a switch, the propane heater roars to life and water is instantly hot.






The floor directly under the shower is made from a reclaimed pallet that has boards nailed very closely together. The rest of the floor is natural river rock from the nearby area.
















Technical Details

The on demand 12V pump is made by FloJet (there are a couple brands that are good). It cuts in at 40 psi and shuts off at 50 psi. It will overheat (without damage) if it runs too long. Then we have a propane shower unit that operates on about 20 psi of water, and a small propane tank. It has two D cell batteries for the ignition. It works really well and is instantly hot!

The pump can self prime up to 9 feet so it can sit on top of a 50 gallon drum of what ever and power the pump. A small solar panel can trickle charge a deep cycle battery so the whole system can be run off the grid, or an inexpensive 12V power supply can be used. 120V pumps are available as well.




12V pump … ~$65
Propane shower unit … ~$100
2 D batteries … $4
Propane tank …. 5 gallon tank with propane about … $45

12V power supply …$15
— or —
Solar trickle charger …$45
Deep cycle battery ….$99

Here is a affiliate link to a list of the major components on Amazon:



As far as grey water disposal Washington state’s code apparently allows very small systems built without a permit (following performance guidelines), but other systems may have quite stringent requirements. Oregon seems to require an annual permit fee.






Greywater Codes and Policy


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